Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TT - Talkin' Out the Side of Your Neck

We've already talked about the TT being the journal of yesterday's news.  They prove it again today with this piece.
Assume for the moment that the deal struck by the city of Alexandria to buy electricity from Cleco Corp. is, as the mayor says, the "best power supply agreement" the city could make without going to court and, perhaps, even if it went to court.
The TT needs to pay a royalty to Stephen Largen for the use of quotes around settlement in the title.  We remember that the TT editors had their nose so far up Jacques crack only last week. Don't be gettin all two-faced on us now.  Listen, TT, Jacques is a proven liar.  He lies all the time.  He lies to his clients.  He lies to himself.  He's been lying to you and you fell for it.  Do yourself a favor and take your nose out of his crack.  It stinks in there.
With a power-supply agreement in hand and awaiting the City Council's final approval, some city officials are trumpeting the safeguards that are built into the contract, which requires the city to spend at least $223 million with Cleco over seven years. We trust the safeguards are as strong as the city says.
"We trust."  This proves all we need to know about the TT's journalistic integrity.  Great job, TT. One of our krewe has some land in southern Lafourche parish she'd like to sell you.  It's slightly underwater, but that's where we're all headed.
What is not spelled out clearly at all, as far residents and City Council members are concerned, is how much? How much money is available for rebates to the city's electricity customers?
TT, there ain't no money.  Get over it, OK?  Where Jacques gonna get the cash for rebates?  The only money is for his friends the lawyers.  Are you completely ignorant or have you lost all sense of smell with your nose up Jacques crack?