Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alexandria Is Being Pimped

Councilman Hobbs had an interesting choice of words to describe Mini Mayor's latest power grab (McCormick story here).

"Other government bodies are sort of pimping us," District 2 Councilman Everett Hobbs said.
Finally, a little honesty at City Hall.  But it's nothing new, Mr. Hobbs.  Jacques already hired Owen & White to do the Levee District's work for them.  We broke that story.  Did the Levee District reimburse Alexandria for that?  Could you ask that question?  And why stop at government bodies?  What about Jacques Roy?  What about Cleco?  What about Rapides Regional?  What about HIP?  We firmly agree Mr. Hobbs. This city is on it back and getting jobbed day in and day out.  Funny thing is, the residents seem to like it.