Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Now The Cover Up

Why didn't you take it to trial, Jacques?  Why did you fight like hell to make a deal?  Now Judge Dread announces this:
The court retained jurisdiction to resolve disputes about the protective order for confidential information exchanged in an audit of the city's transactions with Cleco, throughout court-monitored mediation process, and during discovery in preparation for trial. The protective order keeps all material deemed confidential away from public scrutiny.
Our only hope for the truth was the trial.  What's wrong with public scrutiny?  It hurts the powerful in this town.  Clueless Quasimodo assures us he is on the case:
City Utilities Director Michael Marcotte said the new sales contract contains safeguards that, he said, will help to prevent the circumstances that led to the city's decision to sue Cleco, its primary power provider.
Folks, with Jacques and Quasimodo in charge, we're as safe as a 10 year old at a day care run by R. Kelly.