Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's On - Bridgett Appeals

Bret McCormick writes

An attorney for Alexandria lawyer Bridgett Brown has filed an objection to a court ruling that said the city of Alexandria had the right to fire Brown as an attorney in the city's lawsuit against Cleco Corp.
In his 26-page objection, New Orleans attorney Thomas Flanagan, one of several lawyers representing Brown in her suit against the city, requested that U.S. District Judge Dee D. Drell "review and reject" the ruling made by U.S. Magistrate Judge C. Michael Hill on March 11.

We wonder what Bridgett knows that we don't know.  Yet.
"Bridgett Brown was and remains entitled to basic discovery before the summary adjudication of her contract claim," Flanagan wrote in his conclusion. "... She has the legal right to question the principal actors about what they did, why they did it and what they intended to accomplish for themselves, the city or third parties."
Discovery?  Jacques, now you get to see how a real lawyer works.  Tick tock, tick tock.