Monday, March 1, 2010

Loop de Loop

Alexandria's big dogs are having fun playing architect and chasing their tails again.  We should be electing bird dogs and all we get are circus barkers.  The inflated egos in this article is fularious:
"One day we're going to wake up and there's going to be more and more development in Central Louisiana, because people are going to get tired of running from the storms," said Elton Pody, president of the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.
Sounds like Jacques and the Chamber guy are Art Vandelay wannabes.  They've accomplished as much as George Costanza.  Development in Central Louisiana?  We doubt seriously that we'll ever have that problem as we'll be 6 feet deep before then.  Probably from a levee breach.  How's those downtown hotels coming Jacques?  Who's gonna insure them?  You need more proof that our "leaders" don't know how to spend their time or your money wisely?
They hope the project will relieve traffic pressure and spur residential and commercial development.
This area has a lot of problems, but traffic ain't one of them.  We could start the list with dumb leaders like Jacques and the Chamber guy, levees, economic growth, crime, etc.  This is the apocalypse.