Saturday, March 13, 2010

But Quasimodo Does (Read Blogs)

Chuck Fowler says he don't enjoy a good laugh at Jacques Barack.  Mini Mayor says Quasimodo read too many blogs.  Where else would Quasi learn anything?  It's not like he was born with a tool set.  Quasi needs some tools.  We understand.  Read dem blogs, mon.  Ya might learn sumting!

#1  The keys to your success hinge on Mini Mayor.

#2  If you are ever in doubt about what to do, see #1.

#3  Cleco wouldn't hire you as a lineman apprentice, so see #1.

#4  The closest you will ever come to saving money on electricity for Alexandria is when you turn your office lights off.

#5  Take better notes when getting briefed by outside consultants.

Quasi, we think if you try these 5 steps, you could be a happy Quasimodo too.