Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hopelessness of HIP

Bret McCormick survived yesterday's Hot Air Ballon festival and has this piece for our reading enjoyment today.  Myron is trying to outdo Jacques in the dumbest quote of all time contest:
"I think this is either gonna happen or not gonna happen in the next couple of months," Lawson said.
Seriously?  Nice job going out on a limb on that one, Myron.
The two sides now are waging battle in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to see who gets the lodging tower. Roy said it appears as if Capital One is preparing to fight to the finish, and a lengthy litigation process effectively could kill the downtown hotels initiative.
"It appears the adverse party will use the process and try to hold it up as long as they can. ... I guess what they are hoping is we would cave in and settle the claim," Roy said.
Jacques, you don't have a good history in federal court.  What overpriced legal team are you using this time?  How much are we spending on this set of lawyers?
Two ordinances pertaining to the hotel issue are up for final adoption before the Alexandria City Council at next week's meeting.
One would extend the city's interim management agreement with Noble Hospitality, which expires at the end of this month, for an additional 60 days, while the other would allow the mayor to enter into a contract with HIP for management of the Alexander Fulton and the Riverfront Center.
Last month, Roy said the city had reached the "outer limit" of the approximately $300,000 in Urban Development Action Grant program funds that were being used to keep the Alexander Fulton open and operating.
"We still have issues keeping us from getting closer to that line we don't want to cross," Roy said.
Ignorant.  Just ignorant.  What does "outer limit" mean, Jacques?  You already crossed the line, didn't you?  Just admit it.  The Red River flood guage is going to be redlined this Spring and Jacques is still spending our money on a flea bag hotel.  Maybe people don't want to stay there.  Have you considered that, Jacques?  We've heard, from high ranking city officials, that the cockroaches in the Fulton will walk off with your purse if you're luck enough to make it off the street safely.