Monday, March 22, 2010

Yessir Boss Jacques!

Boss, whutever you need you juss tell ole Ro.  Ok?  You juss tell ole Ro and he can take care of it.  I'm yo boy, Boss Jacques, I'm yo boy.  Whutever you need, I'z can do it.  You juss gotta tell me.  Juss tell me what I need to do it and itz done.  Ro don't ask questions.  Ro don't need to know nothin.  Ro juss needs to know whut Boss Jacques think.  Dat's whut Ro think.  Whut Boss Jacques want.  Dat's whut Ro want.  Boss Jacques say jump, Ro say how high.  Yessir, yessir.  Boss Jacques say he back Ro for Mayor after Boss Jacques move on.  Dat's enuff for ole Ro.  It sho wurked for Charles Frederich Smith!  Yeah, indeed, look how it wurk for Charles Frederich Smith.  Ro gonna be Boss Jacques little mayor.  Yessir, yessir.  Oweeee!  Dat gonna be so suuweeeeet!