Sunday, February 28, 2010

TT: The Journal of Yesterday's News

TT has published another "opinion".  Here are some real laughers:

Then from that perspective the city wasted five years and millions of dollars of taxpayer money over nothing.
That is not exactly our take on the matter.
JB Staff:  Show us the money!

The fact is, in the end, Cleco paid to make the case go away before trial. And it paid dearly.
JB Staff:  Show us the money!

Mayor Jacques Roy, who took office in December 2006, inherited the fight and put the litigation on track.
His administration has certified the city got the best deal it could -- quite possibly more than the city would have gotten with a win in court.
JB Staff:  Show us the money!

Since the city is still in business with Pineville-based Cleco Corp., we must hope that the company will not repeat whatever "controversy" about charges and bookkeeping errors that they claim were all that was at issue.
JB Staff:  Hope is dope!  The audacity of hope!

Once everything is final, eventually much of the information from the city's work on the case -- data, assessments and such -- should become public record.
When that time comes, The Town Talk will be there to demand the information.
ROTFLMAO!  Do ya'll still have a telegraph machine up there?  TT, you make the pony express look like the fax machine.  And stop snorting Jacques crack.