Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alexandria in Chains

Reading Bret McCormick's piece this morning, we just don't know where to begin.  If you have not made the mistake of already moving here or were unlucky enough to have been born here, just stay away.

"Residents of this city are happy to see this come to an end," Johnson said.
Johnson said the administration and council now can turn their attention to finding out the best way to return the $50.7 million in value to the city's ratepayers.
"I want to continue to work to make sure that rates are lower," Johnson said.
"I hear it all the time from people across this city. That's what they want -- lower rates."
Who is Ro talking to?  We want to see the residents who are happy with this deal.  There was the one guy at the meeting last night, but he seemed even less intelligent than Ro.  Then Ro talks about rebates and lower rates.  Hey, Ro, we know you didn't finish in the top 50 percent of your high school class, but you can't have both.  As we've discussed before, you have to pay yourself for the rebate.

And then the levees.  Mini Mayor can do a 360 better than Dominque Wilkins.  First, he knew nothing about the levees.  The levees weren't his problem.  He was just being a nice guy to the Levee District (where he used to pick up a check).  Now listen to this little stump of man:

Roy explained that the other bodies don't have the resources that Alexandria does, and since an estimated 95 percent of the population would be affected if the Federal Emergency Management Agency goes forward with its remapping process, the city had a responsibility to fix the problem.
"There is no larger emergency in front of this body than this one," Roy said. "We are running out of time."

There is something genetically wrong with a person who cannot tell when they are lying.  There is something genetically wrong with a person has no sense of shame at saying anything and everything even if it contradicts what they said two minutes ago just to get what they want.  And get it he did:

The council also authorized Roy to spend $100,000 of capital projects money for engineering work and governmental relations experts to help find the problems and potential solutions for the levee problems along the Red River and within the city.
The project also features $400,000 to be spent in the future only after City Council approval for specific purposes.

Mini Mayor could have put a measure on the agenda last night bringing back the African slave trade and the council would have approved it.  Don't believe us?  Think about it.