Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mystery of Last Night's Sonic Boom Uncovered


The loud boom that was heard throughout Cenla last night was the sound of Cleco executives laughing at how bad they played Jacques.  Interested minds are reading Bret McCormick's 2 of 8 bids qualified for Alexandria consideration:
The city of Alexandria solicited quotes from eight power companies in its search for an electricity provider. It received two completed bids and picked the one from Cleco Corp.
Didn't the Mini Mayor assure us he had 8 bids?  Not 8 attempts, but 8 bids?
After the city requested three-year and five-year prices, Cleco Corp.'s bid for $145 million over five years was $30 million cheaper than the second-best offer, said Utilities Director Michael Marcotte.
Second-best offer?  You mean the only other offer, right?
Louisiana Generating was one of the eight companies solicited by the city, according to information provided by Marcotte and City Attorney Chuck Johnson through a public records request by The Town Talk.
The others were Constellation Energy, Eagle Energy, Entergy Corp., J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy, Kessen Energy and the Louisiana Energy and Power Authority.
You can see that Jacques tried real hard here.  He was really swingin' for the fences.  We have family in other states and they use Georgia Power, Mississippi Power and we know from reading up on Mike Madison that he came from Swepco and Dilek Samil that she came from FPL Group.  Nope, none of those on the list.  Swepco is a Louisiana utility, BTW.
Four of the companies chose not to submit formal proposals; two others submitted incomplete proposals.
These 6 are to be commended for not wasting their time since Jacques wasn't serious about getting a better deal anyway.
Mayor Jacques M. Roy said that not all information in the bids is public information. He cited trade secrets, banking information, security information and personnel as examples.
Jacques cannot go one article without telling at least 1 lie.