Friday, March 26, 2010

An Open Letter to Chris Roy, Jr.

Chris, you introduced HB1293 in the 2008 Regular Session of the legislature.  Chris, why did you waste your time playing politics with the Levee District in 2008 when you could have sought funding for our levee problems?  Isn't it true that the Roy Boyz only interest in the Levee District has been for you, your dad and your brother to use it as a personal ATM machine?

The summary of HB1293 was to provide relative to the board of commissioners for the Red River, Atchafalaya, and Bayou Boeuf Levee District.  HB1293 would have terminated the terms of the current commissioners of the Levee Board.  Why did you want to terminate the current office holders?  Power grab for friends and family of the Roy Boyz?  Was this a shakedown?

The abstract of the bill says that it changes the board of commissioners  for the Red River, Atchafalya, and Bayou Boeuf Levee District from three members to five members.  Why?  How much more incompetent could the Levee District be with 5 commissions versus 3?

Instead of one member each from Rapides, Avoyelles and St. Landry, your bill would stack the commission with two members each from Rapides and Avoyelles versus one member from St. Landry.  Do you have something against St. Landry parish?  Or was this a power grab for friends and family of the Roy Boyz?  Do you have any family living in Rapides?  Do you have any family living in Avoyelles?  Do you have any family living in St. Landry?  Yes-yes-no, right?

Did you discuss this bill with your dad, Chris Roy Sr.?  Did your dad, who was the attorney for the Levee District ask you to submit this bill?  Who did you and your dad want to pack the commission with?  What about Jacques?  Who did Jacques want off the commission?  Was this a move to get back at some one who hurt Jacques feelings?

You eventually asked Gov. Bobby to veto the bill.  Why?  Do you enjoy wasting time or was there some backroom deal you worked out?  Or did you ask for a veto after a senate amendment added term limits to your friends, the commissioners?

Chris, please send your answers to or 487-6346.

P.S.  On Wednesday, Jacques Barack challenged our readers to take the Red Pill and wake up.  If we want a better city, we gonna have to fight for it.  All of us.  That means you may have to give up watching Wheel of Fortune or Mo'Nique every once in awhile, but these are small sacrifices.  We are glad to announce that we've been getting some good feedback.  Our friends at wesawthat, were kind enough to send us this info on Chris Roy.  You can read the original story here.  Thank you to wesawthat.  Please know that Jacques Barack does not reveal any names unless the source asks us to do so.  When you contact Jacques Barack, it is strictly confidential.  If you have facts and a coherent story, we can give your story attention while keeping you anonymous.