Monday, March 15, 2010

Its March 15th and Its Still Just Von

Today is March 15th and we still have only one candidate for mayor: Von Jennings.  Think about it people.  Don't we want someone who is a leader?  Von Jennings is the first and only candidate in the race.  She can make up her mind, unlike some others.  Let's start with Ro.  Why he isn't in the race?  Does he have some secret deal with the Roys?  Ro isn't acting like anything but a Roy clone.   If Ro would grow a fro, he could complete his Jacques makeover.

Let's talk about Jacques M. Roy.  Why he hasn't announced a run for mayor?  Because he doesn't really like it here.  He wants bigger and better things than just being mayor of Alexandria.  Alexandria is a bus stop for Jacques wannabe political career.  Look at how Jacques is acting.  He's driving around in a 60,000 Mercedes.  He's living high on the hog.  All these trips to Baton Rouge aren't to help Alexandria.  Jacques goes to Baton Rouge to increase his appeal to statewide voters.  That's a fact.  He wouldn't dare miss Washington Mardi Gras.  You know he wants to open a Hollywood studio here so he can personally be in the movie business.  Jacques think he's the Cedric the Entertainer when he's really just an overweight Katt Williams.  A vulgar unoriginal loudmouth.

Don't we want someone who is interested in Alexandria?  We do.  Alexandria is moving backwards because city hall is being run by a bunch of pretenders.  Think about it.  What has Jacques done in the last 4 years?  Sugarhouse Road?  Drainage?  Mayor Randolph started the Versailles project and Jacques still hasn't finished it.  We want someone who can put a team of competent people together to run this city.  Von Jennings is that person.  Remember, Jacques only fired Von because she was doing her job.