Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mayor Bling Is Jealous of Bridgett

LOL.  Who were the real winners in the Cleco case? Jacques M. Roy and Cleco.  Not funny?  The jokes on us folk.  Jacques got a $100,000 mayor job with MacDaddy expense account.  Jacques got bling, people.  Anybody seen that new Mercedes he is speeding around town in? Looks to us like Jacques has made out pretty well selling out Alexandria to Cleco. And Cleco? They don't have to pay Alexandria anything and they get a spanking new 7 year contract. Remind us why we're supposed to like this deal? Now Jacques is turning on city residents who tried to help, like Bridgett Brown. Bret McCormick writes this morning, Court backs Alexandria's firing of attorney Brown, appeal expected.
The city settled the lawsuit this month by way of a new electricity contract which, the city says, includes $50.7 million in "settlement value" and requires the city to drop the litigation. U.S. District Court Judge Dee D. Drell has dismissed the case with prejudice, which means the city is barred permanently from refiling the allegations.
Dismissed with prejudice.  Does that make you feel good about how Jacques handled the case?  Do y'all think this case would have been dismissed if Bridgett were still on the case?  No.  Bridgett doesn't do "settlement value".  We'd be enjoying our cash rebates right now if Bridgett were on the city legal team.  Has anybody ever seen any other attorney on the city legal team?  Can you name one besides Bridgett?  Seriously, try to name one.  We rest our case.
Brown argued that since the Alexandria City Council passed an ordinance approving her hiring, then she could be fired only by another ordinance passed by the council.
Brown's contract, Hill wrote, said she could be terminated by the city "for any reason." Under the city's charter, Johnson and Mayor Jacques Roy are authorized to "act for the city."
"There is no real question that Brown's services under the contract can be terminated," Hill wrote.
OK, whatever, bro.  But you don't get the last word.
Thomas Flanagan, a New Orleans attorney representing Brown, called Hill's ruling "legally incorrect" and said he plans to appeal to the U.S. District Court.
Hey, Jacques and Chuck, get ready to see how a real attorney fights.  You can spend all of your time in mediation eating fancy lunches and playing games with Judge Dread.  Bridgett don't play those games.  Hey, Jacques, is it easy to sleep at night knowing that Bridgett knows?  Sleep well, Mini Mayor, sleep well.  Tick tock, tick tock.