Monday, March 8, 2010

Rapides Regional - The Silence is Deafening

We found out last Wednesday that a parking lot at Rapides Regional is one of the reasons that our levees cannot be certified and that this may cost every house in Rapides Parish about $5000 to fix.  We asked for answers.  Can you hear the crickets?

Surely Rapides Regional must have the permit that it obtained to cut the levee, right?  Rapides Regional did get a permit, right?  Now that the Rapides parking lot is preventing the levee certification, how long does Rapides Regional expect us to wait before it corrects the problem?  Why isn't Jacques putting any pressure on Rapides Regional?  Why isn't the asking these questions?  It would be nice if Rapides Regional could issue a press release and clear this up for us.  Until Rapides Regional steps up and puts these questions to rest,  we invite all of our readers to contact the CEO of Rapides Regional, David Williams, and demand some answers.

Or maybe y'all like paying $5000 for flood insurance so David Williams can enjoy a fat salary and fat bonuses.