Saturday, March 27, 2010

Levee District - We Party, You Pay

The mission of The Red River, Atchafalyaya and Bayou Boeuf Levee District is to throw some good parties,
travel to a bunch of fancy conferences
and pay off some politically connected friends.

If anyone at the Levee District disagrees with that, we invite them to provide some evidence.  We would love to print a retraction.  We certainly haven't seen any permits for Rapides Regional or the Pentecostals.  Why y'all don't provide any copies of any permits?  Cause ya ain't got none?  Well, if you find them, e-mail them to us, OK?  We won't hold our breath.

Then there's the Roy Boyz.

Our local Roy family has fed itself pretty well at the Levee District trough.  Jacques was the attorney for the Levee District before he rode the Cleco issue to become mayor.  Who took over for Jacques?  Why, his daddy of course.  Isn't that logical?  Isn't that the way things are supposed to work?  Let's say you are a welder at Union Tank and you get a better gig.  The foreman would ask you if your dad wanted your job, right?  Sure he would!  Perfectly logical.  Chris Jr?  Instead of finding funding to fix our levees, he's been busy running a shakedown on the Levee District.  If the Roy Boyz haven't been using the Levee District as their family piggybank, we invite them to explain why not.

The obvious solution is that the Levee District must be disbanded and replaced with something else.  We will revisit this bright idea in future posts.