Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jacques Don't Know Rebates Like Ruston Knows

Oh, snap!  We got played again.   We can hear Stephen Largen of The News-Star laughing from here.  Ruston forced Entergy to fork over $3.75 million.  Cleco forced Jacques to beg for a new contract.  From Mr. Largen's article republished at the TT:
Most of the city’s energy use during the 15-year period affected by the metering error came between 2001 and 2007, after the city stopped producing its own power and started buying from Entergy.
Hey, Jacques, will you "certify" that our meters are OK?  You think Quasimodo ever sniffed a meter?  He's too busy dreaming about double Whoopers.  Then, and we can hear the laughter in Largen's word processor:
Pineville-based Cleco Corp. has approved an agreement to sell to the city $223 million in electricity over seven years. As part of the agreement, the city’s nine-count fraud lawsuit – City of Alexandria v. Cleco Corp. et al. – was dismissed with prejudice, thus barring the city from refiling those allegations.
No decision has been made as to how the city will use the “settlement value” that is said to be part of the new sales agreement.
What is wrong with this picture?  Ruston gets 3.75 million and Jacques gets "settlement value".  Largen put quotes around it!  He was laughing when he wrote it!  Like, it ain't real, bro, it's in quotes!  Hey Jacques, maybe Largen is not under the same spell as the TT editors?  Maybe Largen sees through your BS.