Friday, March 12, 2010

Ignore the Flooding, Keep Building

TT article, Former livestock market site cleared, ready for construction, says
The site of the old Dominique-Miller Livestock Market on Lower Third Street is leveled and nearly ready for construction to begin on a new residential and commercial development that is one of the anchors for the city's Specially Planned Activity Redevelopment Corridors project.
Good to know that Mayor Roy has his priorities straight.  Waste a bunch of money on your pet projects that nobody wants and ignore drainage issues in the area.
The city, meanwhile, received bids earlier this week for a drainage project along Green Oak Avenue on the southeast portion of the property and should award that project shortly, said Kay Michiels, the city's chief operating officer and director of planning.
Why didn't they do the drainage before the building?  They'll never get the drainage project done and none of our drainage problems off of Lower Third will be fixed.
The commercial development, which is slated for the front six or seven acres of the property, still is in the "preliminary stages," and Michiels said there is no timetable for an announcement of what stores might locate there.
There won't be any stores.  Who would locate there when there are already flooding problems and Mini Mayor is telling everybody how bad things are here.

"We have been in contact with a couple of potential retail outlets for that location," Michiels said. "Right now what we are trying to do is explore all of the options for putting together an incentive package -- different sources of funding, tax credits and guaranteed loans -- for that project."
That's right, use our tax dollars to bribe somebody here.  Are you going to pay their flood insurance too?