Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reynaud Don't Know

"Brown's position is contrary to the language and intent of the (City) Charter," Claude F. Reynaud Jr., the Baton Rouge attorney representing the city in the case, wrote in his March 26 response to Brown's objection.
Reynaud claims that Brown's objection "is literally a copy of her original memorandum in opposition to the City's motion for partial summary judgment" and "raised no new issues of law or fact."
Brown said she did not have an opportunity for discovery in the case, but Reynaud argued that "no amount of discovery can change (the) facts."
Reynaud also said the discovery request "is a veiled attempt to prolong this matter and perform onerous and unnecessary discovery upon the City, Mayor Jacques Roy and Johnson."
Claude Reynaud a/k/a "Junior" is not representing Alexandria.  Junior is representing Jacques M. Roy.  If he weren't, why did he attack Bridgett?  Why Junior don't want to give Bridgett her day in court?  Dude sounds like a mouthpiece for Jacques M. Roy.  And how dumb is it to say that no amount of discovery can change the facts when discovery is all about FINDING the facts!  And we all know that it is a fact that the Junior is hiding behind legal tactics instead of answering Mr. Flanagan's question about Johnson's authority.
On Monday, Brown's New Orleans attorney, Thomas Flanagan, filed a reply to the city's filing, stating that the city has not answered a question about Johnson's authority.  "The City ignores the Charter's differing treatment of the City Attorney's authority in the context of assistant city attorneys and special legal counsel," Flanagan wrote.
Why don't you just answer the question Junior?  This kind of stuff may work among the powerful in Alexandria, but it don't play at the 5th Circuit.  We think the only bar that Junior passed was The Corner Store.  Look, bro, Cleco already handed you your *** last month, now Bridgett Brown and Thomas Flanagan are gonna do it again.