Sunday, March 7, 2010

One More Chance, Mr. Mayor

The best time for a liar to come clean is always right now.  So you've dug yourself a hole?  The sooner you admit the infidelity, the sooner the reconciliation.  That is our focus today.  Turning a new leaf.  We invite Mayor Roy to give Bret McCormick a call tomorrow morning and give Mr. McCormick the whole story on the levees.  With Steve Coco out of the way, it's not like you'll be busy listen and/or driving to the radio station tomorrow morning.  So what else you got to do?  Go ahead, give Bret a call.

The story will not stop, Jacques.  Why not clear the air?  Why not tell the people where Eric Duck was on March 4, 2010?  Why not tell them why he was there?  We are going to run our little story Tuesday morning.  It would be better if you would just give us the truth before then.