Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Open Letter to Buddy Leach

Dear, Mr. Leach,

As chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party, we are begging you to accept Jacques as the Democratic candidate for Rodney Alexander's seat in the 5th congressional district.  Look, we both know that Rodney Alexander is a safe seat for the Republicans, but you gotta run somebody.  Like all those chumps that faced Mike Tyson.  We think Jacques should be your shark bait.  Very talkative shark bait.


Jacques will love the idea.  He thinks he's too good for Alexandria anyway.  Jacques sure doesn't think that he can lose.  Anything.  Especially not to an extra from the Dukes of Hazard casting call.  Jacques been looking at polling data night after night after night.  He'd have already announced for mayor if he didn't think that you might give him a call.  We just know that if Jacques got that call from you, if Jacques knew deep down inside how much the Louisiana Democratic Party want him to run, well, you'd have him at "Hello".  Do it for Jacques. Do it for Alexandria.

Your humble blogger,

Jacques Barack