Tuesday, March 2, 2010

They Will Be Meeting When The Flood Comes

More chasing of tails today.  Your elected representatives will be having a fine lunch with all the fixins in Baton Rouge today and nothing will be done to recertifiy the levees.

Roy said it is important to help people understand what has happened and why.
"My desire is to widen the coalition of public knowledge-holders and decision-makers regarding levee certification," Roy said. "We hope to learn what others are doing in preparation for FEMA attempts at remapping and to share with others what we have learned."
"As president of Louisiana Conference of Mayors, I as well as my staff are preparing for pressure needed to avert economic disaster," Roy said.

What is a public knowledge-holder?  Didn't Jacques also waste a lot of our time telling us that the levees weren't decertified?  What could he possibly share with others since he has learned nothing?  If there were any public knowledge-holders on the subject, Jacques would argue with them and drive to a radio station to try to convince us that he is the expert and that they need to shut the hell up.  If you were going to build a coalition, the first thing you would have to do is vote Mini Mayor off the island.