Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best of Jacques Barack

We've noticed a pickup in new readers lately.  It's Saturday, so while Mini Mayor has his $60,000 Mercedes washed and waxed, sit back and enjoy a collection of the Best of Jacques Barack.  And a special prayer to our brother in laughter, Bernie Mac, smiling down upon us today!

Breakthrough Post - this is when we knew we had everyone's attention

Best R. Kelly Reference

Best Breaking News Report

Best Reader Mail

Best Inspirational Post

Best Motivational Post

Best Outrage Post

Best Insightful Post

Best of Live Blogger

Best Fundraising Post

Best Free Advice Post

Best Old Media Post

Best Parody Of A Politician

Best Crime Post

Best Campaign Song Post

Best Investigative Post

Best PSA Post

Best Poll

Most Avid Reader Award