Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Medea Speaks to Wendy Roy

I've seen a lot things in my life.  One I never understood was women who sell themself out for a man.  Maybe I could see it if all you had was your man.  But, girl, you gotta job.  And they tell me it a damn good payin job.  Why would you risk that job for him?  You know he's messed it all up like cockroach pooh everywhere.  Were you the one who messed up the Cleco deal?  Were you the one messed up two hotel deals?  Were you the one who laid down on the job and let the levees be messed up by a bunch of rich folk who won't fix it now?  Were you the one who can't put drainage on lower third and can't build an extension from Sugarhouse road?  Your man is walking around city hall with toilet paper stuck to his shoe and everybody laughin at him.  Girl, have some pride in yourself!  If your man is gonna run for office, let him do it his own damn self.  And don't be bitchin about how expensive campaigns is when your man drives a $60,000 Mercedes. You do see his paycheck, right?  Or does he hide it from you?  Maybe he's got you on an allowance or something.  You got your own career and your own problems, don't be takin any of his.  Now you remember, if you ever need Medea, I can drive over there and bust him up good for ya girl.