Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day Three: Lift Your Voices

Jacques Barack has been preparing y'all to stand up for a better Alexandria. Well, what better time than now? A member of Mini Mayor's staff took the liberty of dissing people who have been trying to help this city. This same person, Fetal Freddy, attacked Von Jennings earlier this month.

This isn't what we want city hall to be. We want good people of character working at city hall. We want people who are interested in serving the community, not tearing it apart. Please, no more attacks. And it's time for someone in Mini Mayor's circle to stand up and be held accountable. If enough of us demand it, Mini Mayor will have to listen.

So today we call on our local blogging community to condemn the heinous actions of Fetal Freddy and to ask Mini Mayor to fire him. And we ask our readers to email Mini Mayor at or call 449-5000 and leave a message with Anita Boddie that Fetal Freddy should be fired. If we don't demand a change, there will never be a change.