Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Two - Fire The Trust Fund Freak

If there is a poster child for the dysfunction of the Mini Mayor Administration, it is Fetal Freddy. This trust fund freak lives in a McGovernite fantasyland where unicorns roam the gently sloping hills, eating up cancer and defecating skittles for everyone to enjoy. This trust fund freak thinks he is the highest form of intellectual consciousness. He thinks his s*** and Mini Mayor's s*** really is skittles. In reality he is a leech. He costs Alexandria taxpayers $60,000 per year to be Mini Mayor's bitchy little mouthpiece. We are tired of it. We want some accountability from Mini Mayor's Administration. We call on Mini Mayor to fire Fetal Freddy if only to save $60,000 in the Alexadnria budget. Of course, if Fetal Freddy was any kind of man, he would offer his resignation to Mini Mayor today.  Then he could buy his unicorn dolls with his own money, not ours.  What do you think? Vote in our poll.