Monday, July 26, 2010

Jacques Barack Collaborative Housekeeping

We've decided to peel back the onion layer.  We don't blog for a living, so this schedule has been tough on us (some more than others).  In the next week or so you're going to see some new posters.  You've already read their stuff because these folks have always been contributors to the Jacques Barack collaborative, but we've decided it's time to give them their own voice (and ability to post).  Dealing with all of these emails and making edits is a tough job, so this should help reduce some workload going forward.  Another thing is we want more help from you our reader.  You are part of the Jacques Barack collaborative.  When we started we didn't know how other folk would react to Jacques Barack.  All in all it's been positive so we've also decided that we're going to add a blogroll to our site.   We admit there was a difference of opinion and some debate about who to add or not add, but we decided the good of who we added outweighed the bad.  We just hope that everybody can stop using racial epithets.  We don't use them and we hope nobody else does.  We hope that we can work with these bloggers to bring positive change to the Alexandria area.