Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Alexandria Ready For A Black Mayor?


Would you rather listen to Al Jolson or Louis Armstrong?  Why would any performer paint their face black?  Insulting, people.  We've had 4 years of a guy who thinks he's black but he ain't.  Looks, peeps, we don't have any guilt about being black cause we're black.  Done deal.  No worries.  And we know Mini Mayor even looks down on black folk.  That's insulting.  Guess we're not good enough for Mini Mayor and his black cosmetics.  Y'all do know Mini Mayor is a Democrat, right?  Y'all do know Mini Mayor voted for Mr. Obama, right?  So why vote for Mini Mayor when you can have the real thing?  Why vote for Mini Mayor when you can elect a mayor who just might spend your money wisely or  let you keep more of your hard earned money?  You already know Mini Mayor wastes your money and doesn't accomplish anything.  On October 2nd, vote for the real thing.