Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Company Of Losers

There aint any helping some people.  Fetal Freddy is hopeless and he got the biggest bunch of losers as friends.  Here's what we think they are saying today:

(BRIAN)  Alcohol leads to cerebral palsy!  What will that coward Jacques Barack say next?  Sex with prostitutes leads to venereal disease?  I can't believe these cowards!  It's a good thing Lamar sucked up to Mayor Roy and got that job or else he'd have to compete in the blogosphere with animals like Jacques Barack.  When will THESE PEOPLE learn?  This reminds me of that time we were at college and ran out of money in that bad part of Memphis.  Eeeww!  I wish more black people could be like Bill Cosby or Will Smith.

(Tim)  Lamar, don't listen to that noise.  I know alcohol can be bad and all but its made living with my girlfriend MUCH easier.  Especially since she has a cat that pisses all over the bed.  The more I drink, the less I smell!  LOL!  Two Heineken please!

(Eli)  If you need to talk to anybody, Lamar, I'm here.  Just call night or day!  I know Jacques Barack is addictive and funny, but you need to ignore it!

(Alex Cenla)  Lamar, I just wanted to check in and act like I cared about you but talk about myself (man, like, only you and my mother are reading my blog and you only check in once a week so please check in more often).  Anyway, I know that being anonymous and calling out others for being anonymous is kinda like saying my farts don't stink, but you know what?  My farts don't stink.  And you have to admit that's pretty awesome.  That's right, I'm Alex Cenla and I'm completely awesome.  I know it.  Smartest and funniest person I know is me.

(Varg)  Jacques Barack is a traitor to their race!  This doesn't do THEM any good.  Why can't more black people be like Will Smith or Djimon Hounsou?  Those are really cool black people.  Lamar, you and Jacques have more in common with MLK than the people behind Jacques Barack.  You and Jacques are spiritual soulmates of MLK and Jacques Barack is Bull Connor.  I mean, Jacques would NEVER lie about a diversity program.  Has Jacques ever told a lie?  I don't think so!  And Jacques has the best interests of black peoples and Von doesn't!  If your black and want a good life, vote for Jacques!  Jacques is the Great White Father!  Jacques is the black man's only hope!  He will lead you!  He will lead you!  Listen to me!