Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fear Of A Black Mayor

Just think of what could happen if a black mayor were elected instead of Mini Mayor?

We might find that our levees are actually crap.
We could be forced to close our downtown hotels.
We could be forced to pay high utility bills.
We might never get any drainage projects completed in this town.
It might take 4 years to complete any road extensions.

Wait!  We already have all of these problems and we've had one white mayor after another runnin this town into the ground.  There's no reason to fear a black mayor.  And don't give us any crap about it being the black council's fault.  The mayor runs things in this town.  Always has, always will.  The mayor makes the budget.  The mayor pays the bills.  The mayor hires the people.  But you know what we don't have?  We don't have any black ladies runnin the show.  Maybe its time we got one.