Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mini Mayor Has The Red Ass

Mini Mayor's existence requires your submission.  You must love the Mini Mayor.  He is the sole reason for your existence.  You must worship the Mini Mayor.  A moment with Mini Mayor is seeing the face of God.  Hey, Jacques, we say get over your little self.  You are a little, little, little man afflicted with a bad case of self-love.

Mini Mayor would love to shut down Jacques Barack.  The fact that we get 5 times the traffic of Fetal Freddy's Freakshow Blog and that we expose Mini Mayor's many shortcomings is too much for little Mini Mayor.  Of course, Mini Mayor still has Faithful Fetal Freddy by his side.  The only people who feel comfortable around Mini Mayor are people who hate themselves, so what does that say about Fetal Freddy?  He gets to listen to Mini Mayor foaming at the mouth about Jacques Barack.  Good thing Fetal Freddy enjoys all of Mini Mayor's bitching, he's gonna hear a lot more of it.