Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fetal Freddy Loves Russian Roulette

We did not know that Wendy Roy has pregnant, but now we do thanks to the babbling blogger.  You broke rule number one - don't give your opponent any ammunition.  Let's get one thing straight, Fetal Freddy, this is politics.  You and Mini Mayor have been passing out ammunition faster than Mini Mayor is spending SPARC money.  Politics, Fetal Freddy.  Politics isn't a game for little boys/girls and babbling idiots.  If Mini Mayor was chicken s**t enough to have his wife circulate a letter at work asking her Rapides Regional office cronies to donate money to Mini Mayor's campaign, then Mini Mayor's wife is part of his political machine.  If Mini Mayor has a political website with a picture of his family, then his family are fair game.  If Mini Mayor's executive whatever or chief operating officer or chief of staff and whatever else she may do in the line of duty (wink, wink) is making political fundraiser calls on city time and using a city phone and publishing that city phone as part of her unlawful solicitations, then Kay Cell is part of Mini Mayor's political machine.  Anyone who is part of Mini Mayor's political machine is subject to political speech and some political speech is satire.  We do a lot of satire here along with real news that the Caveman Carty's To-To wouldn't dare to print for fear of a tongue lashing from Mini Mayor.

Since Mini Mayor is obviously unethical and a pathological liar, it's time voters began to ask themselves what Von Jennings could have done that was so bad?  Have ya'll considered that, with the mayor's approval, she may have had a flexible work schedule?  Kay Cell said she was at "lunch" at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  Have anyone seen the long lunches that Chuck Johnson and Mike Marcotte take?  And why is the city taxpayers paying for ALL of Chuck Johnson's lunches?  Anybody who thinks Von Jennings wasn't doing her job is uninformed.  Mini Mayor fired Von Jennings for DOING her job.  Mini Mayor fired Von Jennings because she wouldn't lie for Mini Mayor.  Really, people, is it that hard to believe after what you have seen and heard from Mini Mayor over the last year?  What Mini Mayor has lied about the Cleco deal?  What Mini Mayor has lied about the Bentley deal?  What Mini Mayor has lied about film studios and Full Moon Productions?  What Mini Mayor has lied about the levee problems?  Mini Mayor lied about Von Jennings, too, and it's time everybody admitted that.