Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reader Mail - Ponder This

Jacques Barack has a lot of readers and we enjoy our reader mail.  This was a particularly well written piece:

I enjoy reading Jacques Barack and the lighter side of politics. However, the time is drawing near where voters will have to make informed desicions on whom to vote for and what direction our city will move. I would ask the question is this current administration worthy of a second term? I would hope voters and your readers would ask the same questions. It is simple, just honestly answer the following questions in regards to this current administration.
 1. Is the City of Alexandria better finacially today, than when this administration came into office?
 2. Has the City Crime Rate gotten better or worse since this administration came inot office?
 3. Despite spending tens of thousands of dollars of UDAG funds and millions in SPARC has the city improved economically?
 4. Since coming into office, to the present, how would you classify the relationship with this Administration and the City Council ?
 5. Do you feel there has been an increase or decrease in city services to the citizens of Alexandria?
 6. Although you the citizens paid the overcharge from Cleco, do you feel that you received or will receive a fair and equitable rebate from the current settlement from the City of Alexandria?
 7. Do you feel this Administration has been accessable to the average Alexandria resident?
 8. Do you feel this Administration has been completey transparent in dealing with its citizens?
 9. Think hard! What would you say this Administrations most significant accomplishment since it has been in office 3 plus years?
 10.  Do you feel like the people in City Hall represent you or the majority of residents in Alexandria?

Jacques Barack couldn't have said it better.