Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reader Mail:

At least this reader gets it:

Read your blog everyday.  Thank you for the post, "Fear of a Black Mayor" where you listed the status quo:
We might find that our levees are actually crap. CHECK. Mini Mayor worked at the levee board when these things happened. His father works there now. Mini Mayor's wife works for the Rapides Foundation and it was Rapides Regional who cut one of the levees. 
We could be forced to close our downtown hotels. CHECK. Mini Mayor chose a group of nobodies for the downtown deal. His legal team is not telling us about the challenges from Capital One. To top it off, the HIP guys are looking for looking funding! If the local funding existed, locals would have done the deal.
We could be forced to pay high utility bills. CHECK. Mini Mayor negotiated the deal with Cleco. Why don't we have our rebates yet?
We might never get any drainage projects completed in this town.  CHECK.  Mini Mayor wants to use our funds to fix the problems that his levee board created.
It might take 4 years to complete any road extensions.  CHECK.  Sugarhouse road?  Probably never.  Versailles?  It was started before Mini Mayor took office.  Still waiting!
There's nothing going on in this town.  How much worse could it actually get?  Mini Mayor has proven he can't get anything done and he tries to turn everyone's attention away by blaming others for his failures.  So I would say that Mini Mayor not only can't solve problems, he creates and profits from them!

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