Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fetal Freddy Has An Internet Death Wish

image 2

About a month ago, we didn't know who Fetal Freddy was.  Then this little lame loser decided to use the same tactics on our poll that he normally uses on the To-To.  Listen you little lame cyberpunk, that may work under Caveman Carty, but not here.  We addressed the problem and promptly moved on.  But the little lame loser just couldn't leave well enough alone.   So, it's on.  And this time it's over when we say its over.  We just wanted to remind Fetal Freddy that he started it.  Our contributors are submitting future posts and JB readers can expect a lot fun.  A lot of informative fun.  And Mini Mayor can thank Fetal Freddy for that.  We know that Fetal Freddy is going to cry that Jacques Barack is attacking him, but that's because Fetal Freddy is not a grown adult (see pic above).  He's a little trust fund punk thats been taken care of his entire life.  The type of kid who thinks he can play in traffic with no consequences.  He thinks he can shoot at people and they won't shoot back.  Welcome to the real world, son.