Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wendy Wednesday!

It's Wednesday, so it must be time for a message from Wendy Roy.

"Hey y'all!  Things have really changed since last week.  Maybe y'all weren't at the crawfish boil at Spirits 2 months ago, but Ken made this really funny joke about how Jacques can be maniacal.  Everybody was laughing except for Jacques and then we were laughing harder because Jacques was playing it so straight.  I mean, he never laughed and then everybody kinda stopped laughing.  Well, Jacques didn't forget that joke and he's been calling Ken 10 times a day and Ken doesn't answer but Jacques just leaves a message where he repeats the joke.  Sometimes Jacques gets that devious little half-grin after he leaves the message and sometimes he's really mad and throws the phone into the couch.
So Ken called back and I answered the phone and Ken said he was so relieved to give me the good news so I could pass it on to Jacques.  I told  him Jacques would call him back but Ken said it was better this way and anyway he was busy writing the news script for KALB tonight and Bret McCormick's piece tomorrow and Paul Carty's opinion for Sunday.  Ken said Ro was having second thoughts about running.  He said Ro wasn't handling the pressure of running again and all the 3 AM calls from Jacques and Chris Sr. and Chris Jr. and Kay and Chuck and David and Mike and Lamar.  And that's when it hit me how lucky I am to be married to Jacques.  Poor Roosevelt isn't a genius like Jacques but the worst thing is Roosevelt doesn't have dedicated followers like Jacques.  I mean, these people will do ANYTHING for Jacques.  They owe their entire existence to him.  You don't think they are working their butts off just to stay in Jacques good graces?  Alexandria is lucky that these people are on pins and needles when Jacques is around.   Kay even told me that she does her best work on her knees!
I called Jacques to gave him the good news but he sounded mad and I heard him yell something to Kay about find that ******* Ken **** and then he just hang up.  That's not very unusual.  Jacques can get really busy and he'll just hang up on me.  Anyway, I had to call him back and when I gave him the news and Jacques just started laughing really loud and he just started yelling Kay!  Kay!  Kaaaaayyy!  and then he hung up again.  So I guess Jacques loved the news."