Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Head Fake?


What up with all the disinformation Alexandria?  We're getting some conflicting news and our sources is confused and Dr. Evil is laughing.  First, thanks to all of you people who been emailing us telling us that Mini Mayor is gonna run.  We hear ya.  We may not agree but we hear ya.  But then we've been hearing that Ro Jo is backing off of his fax to KALB.  Maybe Ro Jo wasn't serious?    The Jacques Barack tribal council has been sending emails back and forth and, basically, we think the Ro Jo fax to KALB was a Dr. Evil trail ballon.  That's right.  A trial ballon.   Dr. Evil wanted to test Mini Mayor's reaction and it wasn't good.  Mini Mayor is one jealous gang banger and he couldn't stand having someone else be in front of the camera.  Dr. Evil also wanted to test Ro Jo.  Uh, Ro Jo failed.  See our poll results.  Is it goodbye Robo Ro and hello Mini Mayor?  Keep the info coming at jacquesbarack@gmail.com.  It's confidential.