Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Tweet from Joker to Mini Mayor

Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier that Heffling says your interview is set for next Friday.  I'd hire you without all the dog and pony show, but my boy Heff says we gotta do it by the book.  Heff says you can bring Trey the Parrot, but we ain't hiring him.  Heff said you can bring Kay Cell too if you need a (wink) reference (wink, wink).  And tell Quasi I'm still working on an interview for him.  Gotta tell you not a lot of people can stomach being around that dumb freak.  Why don't you try making him Ho So's problem.  I see that you and that piece of aged bolognie have got really close, so try to get something out of his foul mouth.  I'll be showing off my new license plate in Dallas next Friday, so you're on your own with Heff!