Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Is Mini Mayor Worried About David Pugh?

Mini Mayor is on the prowl again.  There is no friend that he can't burn.  Mini Mayor is conducting a poll right now to see if he should run for re-election.  Guess Mini Mayor wasn't satisfied with our polls.  Mini Mayor, do you really need a poll?  Isn't it obvious that you've worn out your welcome?  The other interesting thing that Jacques Barack readers noticed was that one of your questions is would a voter choose David Pugh over you in a head to head race.  Isn't David Pugh the guy who brought you the case against Cleco?  Isn't David Pugh the guy who got you elected the first time?  Why would you think that your friend David Pugh would want to run against you unless you are a paranoid little freak of a hairball who hates his friends?