Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ro Don't Know QWERTY

Here are Ro's personal financial disclosure forms.  Hand written?  Good luck if you can read half of it.  Ro's day job when he's not acting like a darker version of Mini Mayor is a training officer for staff development at Renaissance Home.  Maybe this profession is where Ro learned to imitate others.  What?  Ro doesn't even own his house?  Guess that means Ro don't pay property taxes either.  Maybe Ro is renting from Dr. Evil or maybe Dr. Evil gives Ro free room and board.

Lots of white space on these forms.  You can almost see the tumbleweed blowing through it.   Ro couldn't even fill out Schedule D correctly.  He's supposed to show how much money he "earns" as a councilman.  Ro made the same mistake on his 2008 disclosure and he had to file an amendment, but he promptly forgot again on his 2009 disclosure.  We're not surprised.  Ro probably repeats this mistake every year if we let him.  If Ro can't get a simple form like this right, do you trust him to do it for Alexandria?