Friday, June 18, 2010

Joker Strikes Again - Madison Unit 3

Hey, Mini Mayor, how do you like the sound of Madison Unit 3?  I know, I know, you like the sound of crisp greenbacks and don't worry, I've got the usual on the way.  Too bad you're a sell out.  You see, I've got the money AND THE POWER.  He he he.  I mean, I've literally got the power.  Mess with the Joker and you might get shock of your life!  Hubba, hubba, hubba!

You think they're going to name a power station after you?  A pot bellied single term Mini Mayor and his grotesque sidekick Quasimodo?  Not hardly my little penguin like friend.  Sure, I can't go out in direct sunlight and people confuse me for an albino, but I've got the money and I've got my name all over the place.  And chicks really dig names and money.  I'm not talkin bout the lame Alexandria round the way girls you got here.   I'm talkin the real deal.  Hot women in Hotlanta, the Metroplex and NYC.  Do you know how impressed the party girls are when you show them pictures of YOUR plant with YOUR name on it?  Well, my little pot bellied friend, that's one thing you'll never know.

Gotta go!  Gotta tell my secretary to change my license plate and cellphone to "CALL MU3".  That way all the blondes that I run into, ahem, can remember me!