Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reader Mail: We've Seen This Movie Before


Our mail has been a little slow now that school's out, but we did get this worthy email:

I am a life long resident of Cenla.  I remember the bad old days of Mayor John K. Snyder.  I remember the catfish in the city swimming pool.  I think what we have now is much worse.  Mayor Roy has been a huge disappointment and the city council is no better.  These idiots fight over the same candy bar while the rest of the kitchen (i.e. city) burns down.  How much money do we have to waste on downtown Alexandria?  Has the though occurred that no one wants to go there?  Would it too much to expect our elected officials to know the important and popular places in Alexandria and work toward improving those places?  I want to feel safe at Wal-Mart and the mall.  I want to feel safe at Albertson's or Kroger's.  I want to feel safe at Compton Park.  I want to feel safe on Jackson Street Extension and it would be nice to have a beautification project or two.
About the global downtown hotels deal, we've seen this movie before except that every remake gets less glamorous and the players less attractive.  How many times has the city tried to find someone to buy it from Bob Dean?  How many times have they failed?  Now Mayor Roy has found these three HIP characters that don't have a pot to piss in (excuse my French)!  How could these HIP guys get this far with no money?  We can wait until November but I'm sure the answer will be no dice.  This has all been a hoax and the joke is on us.  I'm not laughing and I will NOT be voting for Mayor Roy.  Too bad my councilman is not up this time.

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