Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does Roland Fontaine Charge HIP $125 Per Hour?

MC Long Blade is back and his research shows what a joke HIP is. Did you know that HIP doesn't have any employees? Did you know that HIP can't produce any tax returns to prove it exists? Did you know that HIP hasn't created any jobs anywhere? That's right. HIP is a sham. Why is that you say? Well look at this FAQ excerpt from Roland Fontaine's website for Creative Analytical Solutions. Do you see HIP anywhere on here? We know Mini Mayor did it for the money, but was it too hard for the To-To to do a little homework on these con artists?  If Caveman Carty and Bret McMagnon aren't too lazy, they can find the phone number and email at the bottom and contact Mr. Fontaine with these questions:

Did Roland Fontaine charge HIP for a business plan cause HIP might want to contact the Arizona BBB about that piece of trash?

For laughs, what is HIP's "visionary" statement?

Does Roland Fontaine charge HIP $125 per hour and has Roland Fontaine/Creative Analytical Solutions billed Alexandria for any time he spent on HIP?

Check it out peeps:

Creative Analytical Solutions - FAQs

What do you charge for your services?
I consult on an hourly rate of $125 per hour. There are no additional costs as all incidental charges, with the exception of out of state travel, are absorbed by Creative Analytical Solutions.

What would an average business plan cost?
There is no such concept as an "average" business plan. Each plan must be tailored to the individual or company as well as for the audience to whom it is being presented. You should expect to pay a minimum of $1,500 up to $5,000 or more for a specific plan to meet your business needs.

How can I control the total cost of a plan?
The cost of a Plan, or any other consulting task Creative Analytical Solutions may perform, can easily be controlled by the amount of effort and time contributed by a business owner. The more involvement of the individual the lower the cost and the better the outcome!

What's involved in preparing a Business Plan?
The first step consists of a free session to determine how to make your vision real. At this meeting you and I would agree on a "visionary" statement and assess the current information currently available and the data that would be required. The second step would be to determine the level of your involvement and establish a realistic timeframe for the project. The third step builds the plan from the operational, financial, marketing and strategic information available, tailoring the plan to a specific audience. The last step would be the presentation and implementation of the plan.

How often should I put together, or modify, a business plan?
A good plan should be reviewed and updated every year. No business can grow without changes in operations to meet the current market. A quick review with financial goal [budget] updating should take less than one day each year and ensure that your visions are being realized.

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