Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roland Fontaine Is Not A Good Money Man

MC Long Blade wants to know if Roland Fontaine is so good at primary and seconday stock issuance, how come he ain't got no investors in HIP?  Check out what Roland's Creative Analytical Solutions website says Roland can do for you.  We at Jacques Barack were thinking of making a similar website cause we got as much money if not more than Roland Fontaine.  Check out Roland's bragging:

Business Planning

"Making Your Vision Real"

Creative Analytical Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in business planning, merger and acquisition activities, corporate restructuring and project management.
Services Available:
Business Plans
Strategic Planning
Financial Reporting
Budgeting and Forecasting
Business Analysis
Corporate Mergers
Asset Acquisitions
Portfolio Valuations
Lender Negotiations
Business Coaching
Primary and Secondary Stock Issuance
Corporate Restructuring
Professional Presentations
Entrepreneurial Presentations
Entrepreneurial Ventures
Project Management
Industry Analysis

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