Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wendy Wednesday!

It's Wednesday, so it must be time for a message from Wendy Roy.

"We had a good week here.  Jacques seems to have accepted that he won't be mayor again and his attitude has really improved.  He even told me he thinks our future is brighter going back into full time practice than if he stayed mayor.  And when he said brighter he got the far off distant look and then kind of a little smile and I heard him mutter yeah, brighter and richer.  Then he got up and started calling Roland Fontaine but he only got Roland's voicemail over and over and over.  So then he tried David Rau and same thing.  So, like an hour and a half later he starts calling Paul Cooper and thank God Paul was there.  Jacques was so relieved to get Paul on the line and then - and Jacques loves to do this - they started talking about all the plans for running the downtown hotels.  It's like it puts Jacques in another room in Jacques World and he really LOVES talking about all of the legal help that HIP is going to need and how Jacques will be the only person who will be able to help them.  Jacques gets more excited about these phone calls than the ones between him and Mike Madison.  I guess the legal help that HIP will need from Jacques is more expensive than the legal help that Cleco will need from Jacques.  Anyway, it doesn't matter as long as everything is good in Jacques World."