Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where Buffulo Wild Wing?

To know the EPIC FAIL that is the HIP deal, you need only look at two recent decisions.  Marriott is coming to Alexandria.  Where they locating?  Downtown?  No.  Off of MacArthur Drive by the Mall.  How come Mini Mayor never talk about Marriott?

Buffalo Wild Wing is coming to Alexandria.  Where they locating?  If you believed Cliff Moeller, Mini Mayor and the To-To, BWW was locating over by Bringhurst and the Adult Bookstore.  Done deal, right?  Cliff Moeller is the economic developer to end all economic developers, right?  Uh, BWW won't be locating on Masonic afterall.  Turns out BWW is going to....wait for it, wait for of MacArthur Drive by IHOP!

You know why downtown is dead?  It's got city hall and nobody wants to be near that cesspool.  Anyone who thinks these 3 characters from HIP can pull this off needs some of Mini Mayor's meds.  There's as much chance of HIP pulling it off as there is of BWW locating on Masonic.