Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poll Results - Readers Think Mini Mayor Will Run

Our readers don't believe us.  And, yeah, we saw that Fetal Freddy was stuffing the ballot box again, but not enough to sway the result.  We admit the Mini Mayor has been giving off some mixed signals.  Maybe he will run, but having Ro Jo run too is not what Mini Mayor wanted.  He has only himself to blame as Dr. Evil can't wait around for Mini Mayor's mental constipation.


will not run.
  7 (25%)
will run too.
  20 (74%)

Votes so far: 27
Poll closed 

Now we gonna have some real fun.  Just think of all that money that Mini Mayor just wasted on his last poll.  We haven't heard the numbers yet, but he couldn't get above 40% on his first poll.  Less than 40% for a sitting mayor?  This paranoid little freak of a hairball is in serious trouble.  We gonna do our own polls with some of Mini Mayor's questions.  And Fetal Freddy, we'll be looking out for you.