Monday, June 14, 2010

The Mothership Will Be Here Soon


Did we miss something or is medical ganja legal in Louisiana?  Or maybe Carty is cracking up because he can't handle any more 3 AM phone calls from Mini Mayor.  Carty sounded like he consumed some maui gold and was walking around Encinitas with the munchies and looking for the Mothership.  We couldn't make any sense of Carty's editorial on Sunday.  Forrest Gump?  Box of chocolates.  This is what you went to college for?  Speaking of trying one, why don't you call up Rapides Regional and ask them where they got permission to cut the levee.  Why don't you ask Rapides Regional for their permit?  Why don't you ask Rapides Regional if they gonna fix the levee?  Oh, what that you said?  You're too busy eating baby ruths floating in the pool?


Carty tells us he's gotten too close to young boys in the pool.  He tells us he meets Auntie Gaga for coffee, but apparently he can't understand her because he's suffering from Alzheimer's.  Or was it just the maui gold?  Listen, Carty need a break.  Bad.  Carty need to give McCormick some time off too.  McCormick been writin down every last word that Mini Mayor and Ken Luneau gave him.  When the newspaper starts quoting that great philosopher Forrest Gump, you might want to consider canceling your subscription.  Really, the more appropriate quote from Forrest Gump is Stupid is as Stupid does.