Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ho So Kisses Mini Mayor's Go-Go

Harry Silver is an old lying freak.  He is also hopelessly in love with Mini Mayor.  We've heard some people have a thing for pot bellied midgets, but this is redickulous.  Can someone in Ho So's family have a talk with him?  He's embarrassing himself and his family.  The monkey crush he has on this little pot bellied midget is whack.

Mini Mayor:  So that's how you remember it, right Harry?

Ho So:  Whatever you ******* say mayor.  My I add that you look ******* hot today?

Mini Mayor:  So you agree that all of the black boys, ahem, African-American councilmen are just lazy troublemakers, right?

Ho So:  Ed needs to remember his place.  You know, I can remember when my pappy had a blackie chauffeur.  Ed would not make a good chauffeur.

Mini Mayor:  Anything else you want to add, Harry?

Ho So:  I love your 3 piece suit and Mr. Tibbs can go **** himself.