Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The HIPsters Are Coming!

The plans are for Ho So to pick up the HIPsters from AEX tonight.  Trot on over to the Bistro and meet up with Mini Mayor and Dr. Evil.  Wine and dine on the taxpayer dime.  We expect a bill well over $100 per person.  We are sooooooooooooooooo looking forward to hearing what they have to say.   Ho So is probably so excited that he skipped the prune juice and wore 2 depends diapers instead of one.

Roland Fontaine.  David Rau.  Paul Cooper.  Maybe y'all can explain who y'all are.  We got one guy who's the CEO of Creative Analytic Solutions, one guy who's an architect with 3North Architects and one guy who's with Lifestyle Hospitality.  Is it a coincidence that there's three of them?

First question - how many deals has HIP itself done.  How long y'all been runnin HIP?  Cause we don't think HIP has ever done anything.   We think y'all is moonlighting from yo day jobs.  Kinda the way Mini Mayor moonlights at city hall when he's not trying to get his after-hours freak on.

Second question - how much y'all gonna be pocketing on this deal?  We mean how much y'all gonna put in yo pockets just for signing the deal.  You know, how much of taxpayer money are y'all gonna take home?

Third question - How many hotels does HIP currently run?  Forgive us if we don't think you can pull this off.  Forgive us if we think y'all are passing money and showgirls under the table to Mini Mayor.